When To Use Us ★

Whether you are a PR firm, a charitable organisation, an advertising agency, a multi-national corporation or any type of event organiser, we can help you. For instance, if you need help with a product launch or need guest speakers for an event, if you are looking to develop a brand, or to gain publicity for any type of event or to merely hold a corporate party to remember, you should contact The Absolute Agency.

We provide you with a completely free celebrity sourcing and negotiation service. Due to our years of industry experience and contacts within the business we consistently deliver savings on our client's budget to ensure you get the best results from your celebrity. As one of the premier celebrity bookers within the UK and a front-runner globally, we can identify the right celebrity for you on the best possible terms and the most competitive fees in the industry... And remember no booking, no fee!

PR Companies

As a PR Company there is no better way than to use a famous face to assist in the furtherance of a promotional campaign. The use of well-known personalities is a sure-fire way to gather press and public attention and to expedite the coverage and awareness.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies have always used famous faces within advertising campaigns as a way of creating trust between the consumer and the product and as a way of appealing to certain market demographics, and use of the right personality for the right product can create a winning formula.

Event Organisers

In the same way that Advertising and PR agencies use famous faces and well-known personalities, the world of events utilise the same principles of customer attraction through this medium. An event with a famous name speaking or making an appearance is infinitely more eye catching and interesting to a customer, investor or visitor than one without. Again, the right personality for the right event can be a winning formula.


Whether you are holding a conference or a Christmas party we can help. We can provide after-dinner, keynote and motivational speakers from comedians right through to chart-topping performers... to create an unforgettable event that will be in the hearts and minds of colleagues and competition alike for years to come.